Excursion Pontoon

Excursion Pontoon
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The Excursion is our transport pontoon that will assist you with your toughest jobs. It offers a large loading capacity and plenty of space. Just picture it with your ATV and building supplies!

Passenger capacity
9-19 people (depending on the model)
Load capacity
2945-5570 lbs (3 tubes)
Max. power
65-220 hp (depending on configuration)
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Excursion X-188
Excursion X-208
Excursion X-228
Excursion X-248
Excursion X-268
Show your Colours

What if you customize your Excursion pontoon? The outer sheets, the fabrics as well as the upholstery can be tailored to suit your preferences to make your pontoon boat just the way you like. Our pre-assembled collections can also help you make up your mind.

Excursion Pontoon - White Outer Sheet

White Outer Sheet

The upholstery colour schemes to match the white sheet metal of your Excursion pontoon.


Gray / Black Gray / Blue Gray / Red Taupe / Black Taupe / Blue Taupe / Red
Excursion Pontoon - Black Outer Sheet

Black Outer Sheet

The furnishing colour schemes to match the black sheet metal of your Excursion pontoon.


Gray / Black Gray / Blue Gray / Red Taupe / Black Taupe / Blue Taupe / Red
Interested in the Sturdy Excursion Pontoon Boat?

You can also choose to customize :

  • Benches
  • Fabric
  • Floor
  • Lights under the floor
And much more!
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EX-188 EX-208 EX-228 EX-248 EX-268
Overall length 19’2” 21’2” 23’2” 25’2” 27’2”
Tube diameter 25” 25” 25” 25” 25”
Aluminum thickness .081” .081” .081” .081” .081”
Deck length 17’10” 19’10” 21’10” 23’10” 25’10”
Deck width 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’
Approximate weight 1190 lbs 1300 lbs 1411 lbs 1522 lbs 1635 lbs
Passenger capacity 11 12 15 17 19
Load capacity 1783 lbs 2098 lbs 2410 lbs 2725 lbs 3040 lbs
Load capacity 3 tubes 3327 lbs 3889 lbs 4545 lbs 5050 lbs 5570 lbs
Maximum power 75 HP 90 HP 115 HP 140 HP 160 HP
Maximum power 3 tubes 115 HP 130 HP 155 HP 190 HP 220 HP

Standard Equipment


  • 25" diameter tubing in hermetically sealed section
  • Tube protective ribbands underneath
  • Bolted and welded frame construction
  • Z-shaped crosspiece of 3/16″ aluminum profiled rods every 24" and reinforced at 12" for the engine box support
  • Heavy duty 3/16" thick "V" shaped bolted aluminum engine box
  • ¾" marine grade plywood flooring
  • Non-slip marine vinyl floor finish (gray or beige)
  • Splash-proof strakes
  • 2 20-inch boarding gates on the sides
  • 2 28-inch loading doors at the front (total opening of 56 inches)
  • Cast aluminum pontoon corners (4) including mooring cleats
  • Full length deck support


  • Classic furnishings with aluminum bases
  • Storage space under the rear module


  • Fiberglass console with standard equipment
  • Standard steering wheel

Other Features

  • Battery box

Popular Options

  • Additional centre front half tube
  • 3rd tube in the centre complete with integrated engine box
  • 3/16” thick aluminum floor
  • Luxury marine woven vinyl flooring
  • Longitudinal LED light under the floor
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Full camper enclosure
  • Mooring cover
  • Fuel tank
  • 2 front benches
  • Loading ramps
Configure your Pontoon Boat to Your Liking

Configure your pontoon based on the desired flotation and performance. There's a world of difference between the Standard, Sport and Performance configurations.



  • The perfect balance of comfort, pleasure & budget
  • A gentle experience at moderate speed


  • A third central half tube allows for greater speed
  • Increased flotation capacity


  • A third central tube integrating the engine support box for those keen on thrills and excitement
  • Maximum flotation capacity
  • The most powerful engine available
* It is also possible to add lifting strakes to the different configurations. This lifts the boat more easily to optimize performance.
The Armada Quality

Quality, durability, and flexibility are our keywords when it comes to Armada pontoons. We process every product and every request as if it were our own, therefore we ensure that our customers are satisfied throughout the whole process, from the first meeting to the delivery of your pontoon or pedal boat. Our boats comply with the highest industry standards, including Transport Canada certification.

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