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Ecotoon Pedalo
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The Ecotoon Pedalo is a must for nature and physical activity enthusiasts. Not only is it 100% environmentally friendly, it is extremely sturdy and has a high flotation capacity. You can also have an electric motor installed for a well-deserved break! This is the highest quality pedalo you will ever try. But be prepared to stand out: this pedalo is absolutely unique!

Passenger capacity
4 people
Load capacity
660 lbs
Deck dimensions
10’ x 6’
The Pedal Boat That Reflects Your Style

As with our pontoons, Armada pedal boats are as customizable as possible to let you choose what you want. The console and the floor are grey, and the seats are available in a variety of colors, depending on your choice.

Ecotoon Pedalo

Grey console and floor

The colour options for the seats matching the grey console of your pedalo.


Gray / Black Gray / Blue Gray / Red
Total length 14’
Pontoon diameter 16”
Aluminum thickness .081”
Deck length 10’
Deck width 6’
Approximate weight 320 lbs
Passenger capacity 4
Load capacity 660 lbs
Maximum power 4 hp

Standard Equipment


  • 16" diameter tubing in hermetically sealed section
  • Protective ribbands underneath
  • Bolted and welded frame construction
  • Z-shaped crosspiece of 3/16″ aluminum profiled rods every 24"
  • Fibreglass flooring
  • Splash-proof strakes
  • Fibreglass console with built-in coasters and storage box
  • Mooring cleats (4) (1 in each corner)
  • Full length deck support
  • A towing ring


  • Two padded, swivel and adjustable front benches
  • Two padded and swivel rear benches only
  • Bimini top (1" tube) with boot

Popular Options

  • Seat cover set
  • Trailer
The Armada Quality

Quality, durability, and flexibility are our keywords when it comes to Armada pontoons. We process every product and every request as if it were our own, therefore we ensure that our customers are satisfied throughout the whole process, from the first meeting to the delivery of your pontoon or pedal boat. Our boats comply with the highest industry standards, including Transport Canada certification.

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